Our laboratory seeks to advance the well-being of individuals, organizations, and societies. We seek to delineate the social, economic, and political determinants of subjective well-being at both the micro- and macro-level with an eye toward public policy. A small sample of our current research projects include: (a) leisure and subjective well-being; (b) societal effects of money on well-being.

We also examine the best ways to quantify constructs (e.g., personality, attitudes) in individuals, organizations, and societies. This entails research on newer measurement models that are integrated with latent class and multilevel techniques. With latent class modeling, we can identify groups of individuals that have unique signature patterns (e.g., signature strengths). With multilevel models, key characteristics of collective units (e.g., organizations and societies) assessed more effectively.

Our research has been featured in various media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, APA Monitor on Psychology, Scientific American Mind, Psychology Today, and MSNBC.

From the Lab